Marx Interiors

"My husband and I have worked with Karen Marx & Marx Interiors on three large residential projects beginning in 1986, and continuing to the present. We have done a major house remodel; planned the building of a new home; and have completely furnished a third new home, all with Karen.

On all of these projects, I have nothing but positive things to say about Karen Marx. She is creative, focused, communicative, honest, and organized. I could go on and on with adjectives describing the positive aspects of working with her, but the main, and I feel, most important positive aspect of working with Karen, is her ability to listen and to create what the client wants. My husband and I actually have very different taste than Karen’s personal preferences. However, on every project, she has been able to manifest our dreams, our desires, and to help us to create our home. She is always willing to put the work in and to spend the hours helping us to figure out what exactly we want. She has been nothing but positive and committed during all the years that we have worked with her.

I highly recommend Karen Marx for any interior design, decorating, planning, or organizing project. She is a total joy to work with, and that is difficult to find in this day!"

Caribou Springs Ranch Owners, Boulder County

“When guests first walk into our newly remodeled home they often exclaim, "This is the most beautiful kitchen I've ever seen!" The credit for this remark goes to our designer, Karen Marx. She designed our addition, expanding our home by 33%. Karen created the space plan, specifications of all finish materials, custom cabinetry, overseeing the construction, down to the last detail. Karen has worked with us for more than three years to help us create warm, comfortable, inviting spaces in our home. Karen has an amazing sense of vision and an incredible eye for color and design. Her sense of professionalism and attention to detail made it easy and fun to work with her. We highly recommend her work to anyone who loves beautiful living spaces.”

Peter and Lorraine Allen, Boulder

“In 1998 we had a huge home remodel. Our architect recommended Karen to work with us as the designer. The remodel included many parts of the house including a new kitchen addition. Her knowledge of design, color, space, lighting & furniture was wonderful. She & her staff are always pleasant and efficient to work with, and she made the whole messy process a synch for me!

Since that time, Karen has helped us over the years with furniture, art, and another bathroom remodel. Whether I have a small or large project, Karen is always ready to help and does a fabulous job! Whenever I have guests, I'm complimented about my home and how it looks!”

Barbara & Alan Lipkin
Englewood, CO

“We've worked with Karen on two homes and my husband's recording studio and won't hesitate to go back to her again and again. When we decided to add window treatments and new paint to our dining room Karen brought her great ideas and samples but also really listened to our desires for how we wanted the room to feel. The finished product is the "jewel box" of our home. We love it! Karen is professional and friendly and has a great eye for color and detail. The quality of her work is outstanding!”

Jane & Scott Roche, Boulder

“We have built 3 homes in the past 5 years and Karen Marx was an integral part in each project. Choosing tile, carpet and paint colors is definitely an overwhelming task but working with Karen made the design process easy and enjoyable. Her expertise goes far beyond knowing what looks good. She listens to her clients, gives great advice and always works diligently to find the best price and selection of materials. Karen helped us make our dream house a reality! We highly recommend her services to anyone looking for an interior designer.”

Amy and Greg Kotsaftis, Boulder

“We started out to remodel our kitchen and finish our basement, but the more I worked with Karen, the more excited I got about doing more house “projects”. Karen saw that this was going to be a major house remodel and was able to see the big picture while paying close attention to the details. Karen helped me every step of the way from fiercely sticking to a budget, hiring sub contractors and working closely with the architect. She even picked out colors of the exterior of our house. Karen is a good listener and respects my ideas. However, if I had an idea that was a little too hare-brained she gently led me in another direction that was obviously better. That remodel happened in 1998 but we still call Karen for other house projects. Interior design can be so overwhelming but with Karen’s expertise and good taste, the experience is a lot of fun!”

Kathleen Sears and Jim Helgoth, Boulder

“Karen Marx is a gifted artist who is delightful to work with. She intuitively sensed what was needed to bring joy into our home--the end result was charming and beautiful. We love the way our home feels now, and appreciate the welcoming ongoing relationship with Karen.”

Jane and Paul Cohen, Boulder

“Karen Marx was our interior designer for our kitchen, family room, and powder bath remodel; and later, for our master bath and master bedroom remodel. She was excellent at pulling all of the elements together in our home, and the result is a wonderful, warm living area that we will enjoy always. I feel our master bath is as beautiful as any I have seen anywhere.”

Mike and Connie King, Louisville, CO

“I recently moved into a brand new beautiful house in the middle of Boulder with almost no furniture. Karen Marx was extremely helpful in creating a beautiful environment and feeling in my home. I wanted to go to the design center independently and Karen set it up for me so that it was easy. Then, with her design expertise, helpful measurement models (little pieces of paper that show you where things fit in the dimensions of the room), and knowledge from years of experience, as well as her connections with many companies that make furniture, she recommended and ordered the perfect furniture for this house and my personality. It is exactly what I wanted and yet, she left enough up to me so that I feel like I made a lot of the decisions. Karen is very organized and knows companies all over the country that sell furniture and accessories. She would organize many samples and ideas and than meet with me and in a short amount of time I could choose and make decisions. She would email me ideas and pictures as well and was timely. In a short amount of time my house was filled with a wonderful feeling that I will enjoy for many years to come!”

Jody Nagel, Boulder